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Bailey's Eggs, Etc. FK Daphne with Enduring Mercy buckling

Enduring Mercy Farm

Mount Sterling, Kentucky

We are a small family farm blessed by a loving herd of puppies with hooves, aka Nigerian Dwarf Goats, and their fine feathered friends. Our goats are ADGA and AGS registered and bred for temperament, dairy quality and confirmation. We began participating in ADGA shows in 2022 and plan to add milk testing in 2023. 

What will you find at Enduring Mercy Farm?

At Enduring Mercy you will find an assortment of much loved and very spoiled critters!

Sycamore SS M Princess Prudy with Enduring Mercy SR Sky King

Please see our Available Goats and Planned Breeding pages to see who is looking for new pastures.

Enduring Mercy DD on nest
Enduring Mercy chicks
Enduring Mercy Farm eggs

In addition to our beloved Nigerian Dwarfs, we have a large flock of chickens. Our flock includes Silkies, English Orpingtons, Black Australorp, Heritage Barred Rock, French Marans, Ameraucana and more.  We offer fresh eggs, hatching eggs, straight run chicks and occasionally laying hens and cockerels. Special orders are accepted.

More information about our flock is available on the

Our Chickens page. 

Please contact us for availability.

Enduring Mercy Farm chickens
Enduring Mercy Farm silkie chickens
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