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2023 Planned Breedings

We strive to breed goats strong in temperament, dairy quality and confirmation.

The overall goal is to improve the breed but if the temperament isn't right, it is all wrong.

Maria x Reuben

April 2023

Prudy x Reuben

June 2023

Pearl x ???

Music Maker's Herd -TBA

Liddle Biddle KT LilMiss Maria
purdy tongue stuck out.jpg
black pearl 1_edited.jpg

2022 Breedings

Purdy x Reuben

June 2022 

1 buckling retained

Eleanor x Reuben

October 2022

2 bucklings *sold

Fifi x Reuben

November 2022

2 bucklings sold

1 doeling retained

Nigerian Dwarf Goats are full of love!
Sycamore SS M Princess Prudy
Bailey's Eggs, Etc. FK Daphne and bucklings
Bailey's Eggs, Etc. RP Worship and triplets
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