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Chicken Math, the gateway drug to farming!

After several years of our children begging
for chickens, we finally decided the time was right.
We were thinking maybe 6-7 hens, certainly no roosters.
We researched breeds and picked up six fluffy little chicks to start our adventure. Much to our surprise, we decided to add another six chicks to our brooder the next day because

we absolutely had to have English Orpingtons!
That is when we began learning about a little thing called,

"Chicken Math!" 


Our original 6 chickens; Amber, Spot, Buttercup, Caramel, Houdini and Peggy.
Our flock continued to grow as we fell in love with various breeds and opted to add a bit of variety to our egg basket. We currently have approximately 100 birds
in our combined flock.

cat with chicks

While building our chicken coop and adding on, because we had to make it larger for that extra dozen birds, we decided we might as well add on a stall for a couple of goats. Two little goats wouldn't take up much room at all. No one warned us about Goat Math!I have a feeling God was laughing at what was in store for us!

Chicken coop
Our large breed flock is made up of Blue, Black, Splash, Silver Laced and Chocolate English Orpingtons, Lavender American Orpingtons, Golden Laced and Silver Laced Wyandottes, Welsumers, French Cuckoo Marans, French Copper Marans, French Midnight Majesty Maran, French Wheaten Marans, Black Australorps, Heritage Barred Rock, Cream Legbar, Starlight Green Eggers, Olive Eggers, Ameraucana, Easter Eggers, Sapphire Gem, Bovan Brown, Black Sexlink and possibly a few more.
egg basket.jpg
Our bantam flock consists of blue, black, splash, buff and white Silkies and one tiny Porcelain d'Ulce hen named Dolly.
Silkie chickens
egg cartons.jpg
In 2021 we began sharing eggs and chicks with friends and family. By spring of 2022 we were selling eggs, fertile hatching eggs, straight run chicks, laying hens and cockerels. 
Check out our Birds and Eggs Available page to see what we currently have to offer.

Houdini was very likely trying to figure out how to operate the mower!

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