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Current Availability:
  • Blue/Black/Splash, White, Buff and Partridge Straight Run Silkie chicks hatched in April. They are $4.50 each.

  • Silkie hatching eggs are also available in limited quantities.

  • More coming soon!

Adult/Juvenile Chickens Currently Available:
Silkie Cockerels from a May/June 2022 hatch.
These boys would make great pets!
silkie roo 6.jpeg

We are currently accepting preorders for fertile hatching eggs and straight run chicks.


Options Available for Spring 2023

  • English Orpingtons - assorted colors blue, black, splash, chocolate and silver laced possible.

  • Lavender American Orpingtons

  • French Marans - a mix of Cuckoo, Midnight Majesty, Copper and Wheaten Marans

  • Silkie - blue, black, splash, white and buff 

  • Assorted green/olive eggers 

  • Assorted brown eggers

*Please note, availability is limited on all options.

Hatch rate is not guaranteed as we have no control over handling

during shipping and incubation techniques. 

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